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Pyrographic Art is my specialty.
Pyrography dates back to ancient Egypt, I essentially “Paint With Fire”.
This art form involves scorching a piece of wood with a small heated microme tip, in place of a pencil or brush.

I specialize in the realism of wildlife. It is my desire to portray the world of nature in a fresh new way. I wish to express my profound appreciation of wildlife and the world they live in.

Eagle Flowage

“Eagle Flowage”  2 x 17 x 51 • Original Pyrography on Butternut wood. This Pyrographic Art was enhanced with oil paint.

This Eagle Flowage composition shows springtime nesting activities of a pair of Bald Eagles, overlooking the flowage. They work as a team to create a nest in preparation for their upcoming family.

Prints available at online store.


The Drummer

“The Drummer”  1.5 x  15 x 38 • Original Pyrography on Butternut wood. This Pyrographic Art was enhanced with oil paint.

Trillions and Trout Lilies surround this Ruffed Grouse as it is drumming on a log. This burn was very challenging because of the variety of patterns in the feathers.

Prints available at online store.




“The Trapper” 17 x 27 • prints available at online store








Screech Owl

Small/” Screech Owl”     7.5 x 24. prints available at online store.




2015-03-29 12.01.29

“Cardinal” on Walnut wood, gifted to a friend.


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